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CFOA 3 Man Series

2013 CFOA 3-Man Rules

3-man rules are modified 5-man rules. If the rule is not covered in the addendum below, use the current CFOA 5-Man rulebook.

  • Game Time is 3 minutes for all divisions
  • Rate of fire is limited to 10.5 BPS (Balls Per Second) for all divisions
  • Fire Mode:
    • D6: Semi-Auto Only (one shot per trigger pull with no ramping/burst/or electronic ROF assistance)
    • D5: Ramping mode is allowed with a maximum 10.5 BPS
  • Scoring:
    • Each player eliminated on the opposing team is worth 3 points. (max 9)
    • Each live player at the end of the match is worth 2 points. (max 6)
    • The first team to pull the flag will receive 15 points. (max 15)
    • A team that hangs the flag on the opposing team's base will receive 30 points. (max 30)
    • Maximum point total = 60 points

For a copy of the 5-Man rulebook, Click Here