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CFOA Refuund Policy
    1. Tournament entry fee refunds due to a team withdrawing from an event will be made under the following conditions (this policy applies for all events).
      1. A written notice of withdrawal from an event is required.
      2. Teams requesting to withdraw from an event must call the CFOA and inform us of your withdraw immediately.
      3. Teams requesting to withdraw from an event are required to submit written notification (by email or regular mail) to The CFOA requesting to have their team removed from the event.
      4. Written request must include: Team name, APPA Team ID Number and the name and date of the event they are requesting to withdraw from. Written request must be dated and signed by the individual making the request.
    2. Withdrawing from an event AT LEAST (7) days PRIOR to the event start:
      1. Team requesting a refund will receive a full refund of their entry fee.
    3. Withdrawing from an event WITHIN (7) days of the event start date:
      1. Teams requesting to withdraw from an event within (7) days of the event start date will FORFEIT their ENTIRE entry fee. There will be NO refund. NO Exceptions.
    1. There will be NO refund or adjustments of entry fee due to situations outside of The CFOA’s control except as expressly stated herein.
      1. The CFOA reserves the right to make last minute schedule changes with available fields and time slots to accommodate the weather. All teams will be notified ASAP that the tournament will continue and to stay in contact.
      2. Teams that make the decision not to play in the revised schedule will not be given a refund.
    2. There will be no refunds in the event of cancelled games or modified games due to facility, weather problems, team forfeits or any other reason not thought of at the time of this writing.
    1. There will be NO refunds for the purchase of APPA ID Cards. Refunds will only be issued to individuals who may inadvertently purchase more that ONE ID Card for their personal use.
    1. There will be NO refunds or credits for the purchase of CFOA Branded Paintballs. Paintballs are a consumable item that once purchased, are difficult to determine whether mishandling by the customer was a factor in the reason for return. ALL Paintballs should be inspected by the customer before the sale is finalized to ensure satisfaction before the purchase.